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The Reason I Kept Breaking Out Was....



So I was doing EVERYTHING right! Washing my face with a gentle face wash, I was taking my antibiotics, using my Clyndamycin and my Taz and I was STILL BREAKING OUT!! About a year ago I started going to a weight loss Dr. He prescribed me Phentermine which I have been taking for about a year. About a month ago I googled Phentermine and Acne and low and behold I discovered it causes ACNE!!!!!!!! So I stopped taking it immediately! I have been off for about a month now and I have not had one breakout since! I am still using my Taz and my skin looks freaking amazing. I am no longer taking the antibiotics because I don’t feel that I need them anymore and I was very hesitant to take them in the first place. So please, please, please, even though the Phentermine helped me to shed an amazing 45 lbs. I would rather have clear skin, so if you are taking this medication and breaking out, it is because of this medication. Phentermine causes Acne!!! I can attest to this!!!!!! Ever since I stopped taking Phentermine I haven’t had one pimple!! I will never take it again, I don’t care how big I get!

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As an anti-biotic, Amoxil or Keflex at 1,500mg per day works really well. Thanks for the heads up on the Phentermine!. I'll avoid it.

BTW my regimen is as follows:

Step A. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Dry face with soft clean towel.

Step B. Apply pea size amounts of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three hours.

Step C. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Pat face with dry clean towel.

Step.D Apply Benzaclin. Wait three hours.Wash face with antibacterial soap or purpose gentle face cleanser,

Step E. Re-apply pea size amount of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three and half hours. Wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser.

Step F. Re-apply benzaclin. Wait three hours. Wash face with gentle purpose cleanser.

Step G.Re-apply topical clindamycin and sleep. Good night!

Antibiotics and spironolactone:

6:00AM take 1,000mg of cephalexin

11:00Am take 100mg of spironolactone

12:30pm take 1,000mg of cephalexin.

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