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Week 4 On The Regime With Uk Store Bought Products



Hello again,

I have been a bit lazy with updating this. So it turns out 2.5% full dosage is not the same as 5% half dosage.

maybe the formulas have changed, maybe the fact that i went from cream to gel, maybe the fact that my cream was probably a bit old....but when I started using the 2.5% gel it was a nightmare! I had to essentially start from square 1. RED AGAIN. and SO peely.

Bonus though is that my skin has cleared again, had a mini break out (also coincided with a HUGE plate of super cheesy nachos) so clearly dairy free IS a good idea.

Bad news- my 2.5% gel tube has very nearly run out now! 40g tubes clearly not a good plan here. Seeing as it is out of stock nearly EVERYWHERE even when you order online, I have decided to buy Dans BP. Hopefully it will arrive QUICK! otherwise I will be back at square one again!

Hopefully it will also not make me as peely or red a panoxyl.

The other bonus is I will have 8oz of it so won't have to worry about replacing it for a while!

Seeing as I was going to get a new cleanser anyway I bought dans too. I am really happy with my moisturiser (simple hydrating light moisturiser)- and have stocked up a lot so am leaving that as is for now.

Hopefully the cleanser will be less drying than the current no.7 for oily skin one I am using.

Feel like I am getting there- and learning a lot about my skin and products along the way.

If Dan's BP arrives in good time and I don't react badly to it then I will start using my AHA moisturiser to get rid of my scarring smile.png (and freckles!)

I bought simple protecting light suncream (suggest on message boards) for my face for the summer. (spf 25 and 50) If it doesn't break me out I will rave about it later- as I have NEVER found a suncream that doesn't make me spotty!

(but until a few weeks ago I would have said the same things about moisturiser!)

I will get round to some pictures soon. I did take some last week, I just haven't uploaded them yet. I finish my job on Friday, (wooo!) so hopefully will get a chance then. Maybe I will be less stressed and that will make my skin better too!



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