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I am a painfully indecisive and emotionally riddled 17 year old female who was recommended by her dermatologist to use Accutane/Isotretinoin.

Oh, if only i were a spontaneous and care-free rebellious yet wealthy teenager who could have no doubts about this miracle drug; and yet, I suppose that I was blessed with this paranoia to help me in dangerous situations (or...make things more difficult to enjoy, but let's be optimistic and go with the former).

So, here begins my journey with less than 30 days to decide on whether I want to take the chance to possibly permanently damage my body.

I say less than 30 because I know I have to stop all medicine 2 weeks prior to getting the medication, and it's been a day since i visited my dermatologist.

Now, as I learned from a TV sitcom, the thing to do when you have a tough decision to make is to make a PROS/CONS list.

So, I suppose that's what I will do

and here...we...go



neutral.gif (always start with bad first so the good can cheer you up afterwards)

1. Common annoying side effects (Sahara desert skin that will make me look like that rock fellow from Fantastic 4)

2. That the possibility of the rare side effects is even POSSIBLE (i used to have depression but most of it was because of my skin. also, there's the chance that i might get a life long disease, extreme joint pain, suicidal tendencies and of course severe mood swings. lovely!)

3. This could possibly make me a huge hypocrite. (WHAT KIND OF HEALTHY VEGETARIAN/MULTIVITAMIN/EXERCISING/NO SMOKING OR DRINKING PERSON would I be if I ruin all of it because of my acne?)

4. I heard the pills were hard to get out of the packaging....(I'm trying to squeeze any cons here, gimme a break)

5. Initial breakout. whyyyy does that even happpeenn (rhetorical question, i know why it happens)

6. spending extra money on lip moisturizing, high quality foundation and anything else that will give me the equivalent of an oil bath throughout the day so I don't spontaneously crumble from dryness.

7. I heard it makes you age quicker. I like my oily skin for the fact that it will most likely stall the wrinkle process.

8. YAY i only thought of 7 cons, not bad...i might add on later as the days became tauntingly closer to my decision date....to which i can only dread (or look forward to, depending on the pros.)



1. THE RESULT! How I longed to look at myself through my compact mirror at school and not groan in annoyance at my cakey makeup making me look...cake like.

cool.png Ohh, seeing the process after the initial breakout of my skin slowly blossoming from an acne ridden caterpillar to a smooth skinned butterfly. Being able to LEAVE my house WITHOUT make-up on saving me two whole minutes to which I can now save for victory dances (ya know, for having clear skin.)

2. Clear Skin. Almost guaranteed permanently.

3. As I said, no more foundation for everyday occasions

4. Higher self esteem/confidence/I-look-good outbursts

5.I can go to pool parties/the beach and NOT worry about my makeup coming off

6. No more painful pimples

7. It's only a few months

8. More time to focus on school and not on skin


10. A possibly successful Accutane story

11. Seeing my cheating ex in the eyes and have a nice hardy laugh as he falls dramatically to the ground and sees how wonderful i look...ahem

12. well, that's 12. I guess I'll be updating (and pirating.)



Hi there! I was sooo so scared to take them because of the horror stories & that horrible long list of possible side effects, I even put off my course for about half a year once I had the pills. But I'm on it now & the only main problem I have is dry skin! You've got to remember that those uncommon side effects are VERY uncommon. They just have to warn you of every possible thing that could happen. Being on accutane has improved my confidence so much. I think that if acne is something that really affects your life & nothing else you've tried has worked then I reckon it's worth a go? I've got to admit it has made me a bit more moody haha but it's only 6 months out of my life! But remember if you do get really worried you can just stop taking them! Good luck with whatever you decide! smile.png Nicole.

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I agree with Nicole. I started Accutane the 27th of June. While my acne is the worst currently that I have ever had formerly experienced (initial breakout), the outcome of this treatment will make it worth the wait. I wish I would have taken it at 17, although now at 21 I believe I acne has made me much more mature and wiser. Stay positive with whatever you decide to do. Positive reinforcement is great.


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I really appreciate any information, thank you both so much(: I'll be getting my blood tested next week then I just play the waiting game.


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i'm 17 too and i began yesterday with accutanne(sotret) and i agree with everything you wrote above hahah these were my fears too ( and still are)

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