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Happy With Benzaclin Etc...



I have been having an epic battle with acne. The worst kind of cyctic scarring acne. The kind that makes my face a red mess all year round. But the good news is that I am now winning that battle. I recently added benzaclin twice a day to my existing regimen: 2,000mg a day of Keflex, Topical clindamycin (takes care of the smaller ones), topical tretinoin and 50mg a day of the wonder drug spironolactone. That said, since I added benzaclin which consists of 1%strength topical clindamycin and 5%strength benzoyl peroxide cream, My skin has been flawless. The scars are fading also. I am confident that if I stay on my no holds barred regimen I can decimate acne forever and let my true beauty shine through.


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