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Everything That I've Tried



the first time i went to a dermatologist was when i was 13. he prescribed me minocycline, which i only took for a month because i had an allergic reaction and i was also using a retin-a cream and a clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide gel. since i couldn't take minocyline he prescribed me doxycycline and i took that for over a year.. it kept me 99% clear but every time i had a dermatologist appt i would have like one pimple so he decided to put me on amoxicillin.. i took that for probably longer than a year as well.. it kept me clear.. at age 16 i decided to stop taking it because i don't even know why? i guess i thought my skin would stay clear if i did.. i also stopped using the bp gel and retin-a cream because i ran out and i didn't want to bother going back to the dermatologist for refills. my skin stayed clear for a while after i stopped using everything. a few months later i started getting small zits which didn't bother me so i didn't do anything about it. i wasn't using any product at all for acne which obviously was a big mistake. about halfway through my senior year things got out of control and i started getting cystic pimples again. i decided to cut dairy and sugar out of my diet. i also drank so many different tea's.. none of that helped at all. i tried homemade masks and all that stuff which i think only made things worse. so i finally came across this site and decided to try the regimen.. i've been on the regimen for almost three months now and my skin keeps getting clearer and clearer! i'm so glad i tried it out!


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I was also allergic to Minocycline, noticed it after one week. I have tried EVERYTHING as well, it seems. Just purchased Acne.org and have been following the Regimen for a little over a week; IT'S WORKING !! I'm past the itching phase and I noticed, just this morning, that the white head bumps have all went away. I still see some blackheads but they're more closer to the surface of my skin. Hind sight is 20/20; since I've been following the Regimen, I realize that I may have been washing my face to hard/rough and may not have been using enough benzoyl peroxide. Ance.org has reduced a lot of the oiliness in my skin and the application of my mineral make-up looks smoother, now. I LOVE the moisturizer.

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yeah the first few weeks are tough..the first week i broke out with a lot of whiteheads but they went away quickly. for me my skin would get a bit clearer and i'd be excited then i'd have another breakout. but as time went by the breakouts became less and less severe. it's frustrating but you just have to be patient. same here i used to exfoliate every night thinking it was helping! the regimen reduced the oiliness in my skin during the first two months but now for some reason my t-zone gets really oily by the end of the day. i have no idea whyy? it's annoying but i'd rather use a few blotting sheets than have breakouts lol..

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