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Need Help! Forehead Acne Wont Go!

Liam Foster


So i havent posted on here in a while because my acne has been clearing up thanks to doxy, especially on my lower face, cheeks etc. However my forehead is still acne prone like hell! I still have so much acne on my forehead its so bad. I just want to know why i have it there. I never hardly ever got acne on my forehead before but during the last year were my acne has got so bad, it just wont budge and get worse and worse. The doxy has helped clear my back and my chest and help heal my cheeks really well. My left cheek is clear and my left cheek still has red pimples however not as much and not as big as before. But omg, my forehead acne just will not go away! I keep thinking to myself is my forehead different? do i have to treat it differently. Its getting me so down because i cannot cut my hair because it saves me the embarrassment. And i dont want to go outside because then i will have to cover my forehead up with my hair therefore making it worse! Im so stuck!! If my forehead was clear id be the happiest kid alive! But i have been on doxy for 3 months now and only now has my cheeks started to heal however how long will it take for my forehead to clear!!! UGH!!! I just want an end to all this. Every day i wake up and immediately my acne is on my mind, all during the day, whatever i do, wherever i go, its always the forefront of my mind. Its tearing my young days apart. Im 20 and need to live my life!!!


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See if your doctor will switch your anti-biotic to a more powerful brand like Amoxil.And you should ask for 1,500mg per day. If you do that, if you get that prescription at the dose I stated, you will have a clear forehead. I guarantee it. Check out my recent blog entry and you'll see my bottle of Amoxil with the dose stated as 500mgs three times per day.

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Hi Liam,

Adding heavier prescriptions will not help in the long run. It certainly did not help me at all. I just posted about gently cleansing with baking soda, using tea tree oil cleansing pads and spot treating with clay at night. I bet the forehead acne will clear up a bunch if you use the tea tree oil cleansing pads on your forehead day and night. They are the best.

I've heard that acne on the forehead is mostly caused from diet related things. Don't believe your dermatologist. Diet does affect acne. Avoid sugar, dairy and wheat. Seriously you will have your 20 year old life back!!! Good luck smile.png

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