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Battle Week 4(How Much Would You Pay For Perfect Skin?)



My Skin is getting worse, Its never been this bad before. I just dont get it! Seriously suffering from lack of confidence now. I dont even want to go out and see friends because Im too ashamed. Im praying that this Is just the process that my skin needs to get worse before it gets better. The worse part is in about a month my boyfriend wants to fly me down to see him and last time he saw me I had perfect skin. Why do we go through this? Desperatly need some advice here. Im almost condsidering going professional here and having lazer treaments done but the cost is so high. Around $3,000......How much would you pay for perfect skin???!!!!!!! Im going to post a picture of how Iooked with perfect skin. The difference is incredible, I look like a whole new person. To all who even read these posts and suffer with what Im going through God Bless because this is a terrible war.

~Kayleigh. xoxo


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hi Kayleigh!!

I know how you feel, we all do! and thats why we're all here to help each other.

I am 20 yrs old and have had acne since like 13 it sux!!

and i also hated going out with my friends because of my acne even being around my family bothered me!

Just dont Give Up!!!

But something is yes your acne gets worse before it gets better! ive tryed absolutly everything i went from pills to creams to different pills to creams it was miserable!

i than found a local derm and she helped alot...i got put on epideuo for a while which that cleared it but when i stopped using it it went worse so she put me on accutane...i have been on it for almost 4 months and my face looks so much different now! so maybe thats what u need to try! :)

i hope you find something! good luck! :)

Vee :)

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Thank you so much, Its amazing to know that there is people out there that can relate because all of my friends have clear skin. Ill def look into it Im just nervous about trying pills.

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I had acne much like your own for three years. My skin is vastly improved now. I invite you to look at my pics in the gallery. In order to get clear skin I had to go through and maintain a variety of medication levels. I was prescribed a high dose of Amoxicillin. It worked miracles and cleared my severe breakouts completely. As a compliment to Amoxicillin, I use Retin-A and topical clindamycin and benzaclin and Spironolactone. I know what its like to be afraid to use pills. I have been there when I was younger. But I have learned to fear acne more. Acne is much more damaging to my quality of life than any pills or creams. I also understand that my dermatologist has my best interests at heart.

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Call your derm and talk to him or a nurse. He should be able to tell you when things should start lookin up. You need support and they should be the first/best ones to gve it to you.

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I'm so sorry for you and my skin has been like yours. I know how painful, physically and emotionally it is to have red bumpy acne. You can get rid of your acne WITHOUT going on accutane and other prescriptions. I did it by changing my diet and removing sugar, wheat and dairy from my diet. You'll feel so much better after doing this! Secondly, you have to treat your acne. I use baking soda with my cleanser or make a mask of baking soda and water (don't scrub acne). To treat my acne I use tea tree oil cleansing pads by dessert essence. These totally work for me and I use them every morning, night and after workouts. Then I sleep with clay mask spotted on specific acne marks. I hope it works for you too.

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