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Clear Skin :)



So I've been Gluten Free for about 2 months now, i think smile.png This is the clearest my skin has been in over a year. The only thing i miss is the Guiness sad.png Here's my new regimen

a.m./p.m. regimen- wash with Cetaphil cleanser

tone with Apple Cider Vinegar

apply benzoyl peroxide

moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Currently taking:

Womens multivitamin

Biotin (for hair)

Zinc (for hair and skin)

Calcium Magnesium (to help the biotin)

apple cider vinegar (1 tsp. in 1 cup water) 3X daily

I have noticed huge results, my skin is completely clear aside from a few red marks but the ACV is getting rid of those quick. My hair is still thinning which is devastating but i can do nothing about it so i'm just gonna look forward to clearer and clearer skin. For everyone out there who feels like they've tried EVERYTHING (and probably has, I know i did) and nothing is working, keep looking. There is a process out there for everyone. Going gluten free was the last thing i thought would work because gluten never made me sick and my skin was clear until 2 years ago. I had always eaten gluten and never before had bad skin. But your body changes, things you could used to tolerate become intolerable. If antibiotics and topicals haven't worked for you then i suggest just trying it, you'll know in two weeks if it's worked. If it hasn't then don't continue, but if it has i garuntee you will gladly cut gluten out forever to have the results i have. See for yourself, these pics are a little over 3 months old from when my skin was bad until now.


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You look amazing..I am so inspired. I wish I had taken photos of my face BEFORE I got treatment...my change was amazing too. You have totally inspired me to keep using Benzaclin and moisturizer! Benzaclin has 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin. I also use Keflex antibiotic taken orally and tretinoin 0.1% I am amazed at how far you've come with just benzoyl peroxide... impressive!!! Bravo!!!

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Your skin's looking wonderful! :wub:

Really glad it's working out for you because I remember how you were struggling and how things didn't go well with the Accutane. The great thing about getting to grips with the dietary side of it is that you're in control and you're having direct influence over what your skin does. I sometimes feel like I can essentially choose whether or not I break out, depending on what my diet's like. By the same token, I know that if I avoid my triggers and the things I'm intolerant of, and I stick with my supplements and maintain my regimen, I'm acne free. It's all about taking back the control and that's a wonderful feeling so I'm happy you're experiencing it.

Don't be afraid to treat yourself to a Guinness now and then. That's my poison too and I do miss a regular pint. Then again, if it's between that and clear skin, there isn't really much contest. The odd one from time to time really doesn't hurt though, and there are certain things I really don't miss as much as I thought I would. :)

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Too true, and thanks guys: You put it perfectly Paul, I'm so glad that i've finally taken control. I remember telling my doctor that if he could just figure out what was causing my acne i would do ANYTHING. That frustration of all the trial and error and things just getting worse is a terrible feeling. I do let myself have something with gluten in it once a week but i've found that beer is the WORST. I could probably eat a loaf of bread and be better of than having one beer. But i do cheat once in a while. Thanks for the encouragement guys!

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Gorgeous! Glad to see you found something that works! My skin turned on my after i had my son so I assume my acne has a lot to do with hormones. I wish I could use BP but it is too harsh for my skin :( that sucks about the hairloss. I stopped accutane after 3 weeks because it was already hurting my eyes and gave me chronic chapped lips--its some heavy duty (scary) stuff! Did you try Spirolactonane for your hairloss?

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