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6 Weeks Done



Well, I had a follow up appointment with my derm. He gave me Tazorac cream for at night and Klaron lotion for the morning. This is all maintence. I am also considering getting the Olay spin cleansing brush to just keep my skin extra clean to allow for even better absorbtion of the products. So far so good. I have had 2 pimples since stopping. They went away quickly and were right before my period. Any thoughts/comments on the Olay Pro X Cleansing System? I am not splurging for the Clarisonic at this time. I am not wearing any makeup at all on my face. And I haven't for months. Now, on to the side effects:

Dry lips-GONE

Dry patch on arms/hands-GONE

Joint pain-GONE

Bone cracking- not more than usual

Hair shedding- I see that this is subsiding slightly...but I'm still shedding quite a bit. I see tiny hairs along my hairline, wonder if it's growing back?

Flushing/Tane Burn-GONE

One nasty dry patch on face that won't leave- this has me slightly concerned. At my follow up, my derm seemed to think this was a small cyst. However, it's been lurking since April. Initially it started out with dry patch, then I would pick at it and it would grow right back. It's almost like a picked pimple that will never heal. It is slightly raised, and when you push on it, it feels more like a bumb. My acne was moderate and consistent but I suppose I have never had a cyst before. The strange thing is that I first developed this issue on accutane. Seems odd to get a cyst if I had not had a pimple in a month.

Either way, I have an appointment again in 8 weeks. If it is still there, I'll have to have him do something else with it.

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If you are developing cystic acne I would go on an anti-biotic just to stay safe...I am buying my daughter a clarasonic brush for her birthday. It then occurred to me that I might want one too.

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