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Almost The End Of Month 5 And...



....and I am cured!!!! hahahaha Well, after almost 3 months of waiting for a breakout near my mouth to clear, it finally happened. It happened very suddenly within the last two days! It is safe to say there is no active anything on my face at the moment and it feels like....... I can not even describe it properly and adequately!:) I am still taking 40mg of accutane and although my skin is oil free it is not too dry. My lips do not dry out as bad as before and I only need to use lip balm twice a day. My hair is still on my head and I practice yoga without any pain in joints. Although I do have reddish marks from spots and some little scaring my skin overall looks very good. Not perfect enough to go make up free but good enough to look in the mirror and not be scared of my own reflection, haha

I hope effects of accutane last long and I will definitely be updating this blog about post-accutane progress. I am seeing my derm next month so it might not just be the end yet:)

all the best to you all,

do ask questions if you have them:))))


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My breakout was very bad and lasted long as well. I have no idea when your breakout will stop but I wish it happens soon. Good luck to you, maritimu12!

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im so so happy for you!!

ive been on accutane for 3 months and it looks pretty good (better than it did), im so excited to see how it looks when i finish :)

so i have the same red spots and the scaring as well, what are you going to do to get rid of those???

Vee :)

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Vee, I have not researched it yet to make a decision but if when I know more and maybe try something, i will let you know.:) What type of skin do you have? My skin is very white, thin and poreless so the marks i have are very visible. I was never recommended laser for my skin for some reason. Anyway, i will keep you posted!:)

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thanx so much!!! and my skin is light and oily! and my friend had laser done to his face and it Literally looked like jello...and he said he couldnt go outside where the light would hit his face for a while! sooo idk bout laser cuz i like being outside playing basketball or whatever so maybe not for me!

but anyway if you do find anything out PRETTY PLEASE let me know i really would appreciate it :)

V33 :)

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