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Day 8 - Accutane, Question?



Finally finished one pack, have been experiencing some side effects. Dry skin, dry lips and sleepy. It shows I am on the right medication after all. My normal skincare routine has just gone out of the window, its waaaay too drying. The Body Shop tea tree range is good for oily skin but now I have dry, flaky skin. Still struggling to find the right one, in the UK it is rare to find Cetaphil here, which kinda sucks.

I have a question, before accutane I tried Retin A and it broke me out so badly, my skin was so angry and inflammed. Does this mean it will lower the chances of having an initial breakout? Im literally freaked out because I dont know when its going to happen. I have a job interview at one of the UK's most expensive luxury chocolatiers and Im afraid my acne will destroy my chances of getting it. Please could someone give me some advice...


Hey! Sounds like ur getting on OK i really don't know about the IB it sounds as if its different for every person! Touch wood it doesn't happen to u... Oh and btw i buy cetaphil in boots if that helps! :)

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Ohh I never knew sells Boots it, thank you. Youre a diamond! Touch wood it wont happen to me, Retin A has destroyed my face enough..

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Hey there! Awesome people from UK. I happen to be in retin a BEFORE and experience a minor ib and NOW im on accutane day 26 and yeah i did break out but its was like 4 pimples added to the normal break out not bad but i hatted that week! especially week 2 i was inflamed! but week 3 is like almost heaven! i break out in small really tiny white heads and tiny redbumbs that disappear in a day or soo! so yeah GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR !

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retin A made my acne worse too! a long time ago. I took accutane, it worked, but i'm on it again now. And i'm in the same boat as you, i'm needing new products. I think something more gentle though. Everything stings. but a little experimenting is always fun :)

as fo advice, i can't say how much you will clear up. chances are, not so much intil month 4 or 5. but it's usually sporadic, so like it'll clear up a couple days sometimes, lift your hopes, then bam, it's as if it never happened. i remember that, and see a lot of people posting about that. i'll cross my fingers for your job though! i'm sure they wont care, honestly. and no one ever noticed other peoples acne as much as they themselves do. :)

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i use oil of olay Essentials Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin has spf 15 too and costs under £5 really moisturising and doesnt break me out and makeup goes on great afterwards

i am day 14 roaccutane and all going great, was on retin a for a year before and didnt get an initial breakout with roaccutane...yet anyway

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