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4Th Day Of Not Washing Face



So today is the 4th day of not washing my face. I'd have to admit, however, that I cheated a little when I splashed my face twice with cold water on the 2nd night. Fortunately, the water didn't seem to have an effect on my skin's progress, but I decided to leave water out of the mix from then on. That includes water in the shower. The past few days have been uncomfortable for me, not because of the oiliness of my face, but because of the itchiness. My skin tone is even, but dull from the oil all over my face. All over my skin (cheeks, chin, sides of nose, and most of all, the forhead) it appears as if a white substance is being forced out of every pore on my face. The size range from smaller that half an ant to a grain of salt. This is most likely sebum and dirt and the bigger chunks can be easily wiped off (but aren't). I'd have to guess that this is the "flakiness" that most people refer to when they start a no-washing regime. At first, I thought they meant the flakes of dead skin that accumulates in the winter. Yesterday, I had an incoming pimple right in the middle of my forehead, but today it has receded to a smaller whitehead blending in with the sea of white debri evacuating my pores. Today, I can feel an incoming pimple on my chin which I associate with the soup I ate yesterday that missed my mouth. Another thing that I can't ignore are my eyes. On the second day of no washing, I noticed that if I touch my eye, it will be very irritated and start to sting. I have to squeeze my eye forcefully to bring about tears and squeeze them shut to bear the stinging. The same stinging sensation happened randomly yesterday with both eyes at different times. It also happened earlier today, with my left eye.

I decided to continue this no-washing regime for one week. Then, once every week I would let cold water run down my face in the shower. No touching at all. And I would let it dry on its own. After that, I would let the no-washing regime continue.

I really believe that this can work. Combined with a healthy diet that supports the organs of elimination, your body will be able to once again fight off acne.


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