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Oratane Week 1!



So after 17 years of struggling with acne and trying everything ever made I have finally taken the plunge and been prescribed 60mg a day of Oratane. On day 2 so far and after taking 3 20mg per day tablets i haven't really seen much difference..... just a few more pimples and my hair felt a bit more greasy than normal this afternoon. I have decided to really try to stop drinking alcohol after reading what affects it has on your liver..... does anyone have any more feedback on their own Oratane and drinking experience? I'm also a long haul flight attendant so im worried about the affects of the dryness of the cabin along with all the other side affects it brings.

A bit scared of the next few weeks and the breakout I know im going to get!

Will update next week! Hope to hear from anyone in the same position we can compare notes?



I know people keep reporting "the breakout"... any ideas ,biologically, on why this happens when using Isotretinoin (Oratane)?

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Yesterday marks my week one on accutane. I guess we have started at a similar time. :)

Im only on 20mg to start off which Im afraid that it wont work because the dosage is so low. However, day 5 was when i was experiencing dry lips, my tash and chin started flaking. It was extremely gross. I have also felt very tired I would nap for at leasty two hours in the afternoon, something that i wouldnt used to do.. eeeeeeek! perhaps we could compare our journeys :)

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