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The Clearer My Skin Gets The More I Obsess About Small Problems...



You have to understand...I used to have a face flush with cystic (scarring type) acne. Pimples everywhere of every size. The breakouts were constant. I never ever had clear skin for years. Then I started Amoxicillin, topical clindamycin and tretinoin like a year ago and bam....smooth skin all around. I recently began Spironolactone 50 mg a day. But my new problem is the lone zit. I seem to constantly have about one pimple on my face. And I cant stand it! Its me versus the zit and I intend to win...the only problem is, I have no idea if I am realistic in wanting absolutely zero pimples at all times or if I can learn to live with the one zit on my face every week? I already overuse all my medications (which usually is a good thing) so theres no way I can ask for increased doses, thats not the problem. Before I had scarring acne I would'nt freak out about one or two pimples, now I am obsessed with having a "perfect" complexion. HELP!!


i do the same thing. Everytime my skin seems a little bit more clear, I get hung up on one little problem because I have in my head that one day my skin will be perfect again and I'm impatient for that day to be today. What ends up usually happening though is that I overattaack that one thing and then my face rebels against me. I'm not sure if that's what happens normally, but that's me. Anyways, what I've started doing now is keeping pictures, and everytime I think my skin is bad one day, i refer back to my previous pictures and think...wow...okay, it's not perfect, but it could be worse. And after a while, I just start noticing a little improvement everyday and keep thinking...one day...not a day soon...but one day, it will be okay.

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