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Day 25



So today is day 25 for being on accutane. Now I don't really plan on doing a day by day blog just because I'm on such a low dose I don't really think I'll be seeing enough improvement each day to really talk about. However today I'm looking more other peoples experiences. I happen to be a very bad face picker. I know that it's the worst thing I can do for my face, but I find that I do it when I get stressed or overwhelmed. I've been trying to keep the picking down to a minimum on accutane just to prevent more scarring. However I do have a lot of scars from before. I don't have the ice pick scars or anything like that, I guess I have more discoloration than anything. Mine is really on the side of my face below my cheekbones to my jawline. It's horrible, they make me so self-conscious! Even when I have no active pimples my skin still looks bad because of my uneven texture and skin tone. I was just wondering if accutane has helped any of your scars or if you've seen a difference while being on accutane and if you have how long did it take? If anyone has any suggestions that I can do to help even out my skin tone without irritating it or anything I would greatly appreciate it!

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I saw your post and thought I'd relate my experience, hopefully it will be helpful for you :)

I was on accutane for over a year and, similarly, felt self conscious about the texture and colouration of my skin. When I spoke to my doctor she told me that my skin looked worse than it was because of the accutane. Because (as I'm sure you're aware) accutane has a drying effect this makes healing alot slower and so pigmentation and redness more prevalent). I used a Nivea creme moisturiser which definitely helped with the healing and soothing of dry skin (but if you're skin is particularly oily I'd check with your dermo). Although this helped I have to say the pigmentation drastically improved when they finally took me off accutane. However I would say that it's worth staying on the accutane until your skin is clear (I know it's frustrating and less than ideal) but a week after coming off accutane the raised and redness of your skin (along with any dryness of lips etc) simply does just dissapear!

Hope that helps a bit..

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