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Day 131- Start Of Month Five, Back Down To 40Mg



Ok so as the title says i started month 5 yesterday and had my derm appointment with some bad news. My cholesterol was high (246) so i has to go down from 60mg to 40mg for this month. I was bummed at first bc i wanted to go up to 80mg for my last month but im justglad i get to stay on it. My derm also said depending on my labs next month we could maybe do another month so we will see. Im just gonna be super conscious of what i eat and exercise more to see if that helps. I had high cholesterol to. Egin with bc its genetic in my family so i was worried and am acually surprised i made it this far to be honest i rememeber being so upset after my 1st appointment when she said id have to stop if it got to high. Even if this is my last month i still reach the cumulitive dose but now im just worried my skin wont stay clear

Im currently clear now! I still have several marks on either side of my cheeks that i cover up with makeup and still dont go bareface except at home. I thought by month 5 i would be totally be clear clear of all spots and marks but time time time i know. So now im waitig for them to fade but im scared to use anything on my face in fear of breaking out bc i try to keep my face regimen very simple.

Side effects- dry crusty painful inside nose. No face oil but not dry either, just use a small amount of lotion 2 times a day and im good to go. Some low back pain but i had some before i started because of work being on my feet for 12hours.

So i just have to be patient and see how this all works out


Use apple cider viegar for those red marks. I completely cleared my skin going gluten free after accutane made my hair start to thin. It's been 1 1/2 months and not a zit on my face for the last 3 weeks. But I had a TON of red spots everywhere and so 2 weeks ago i started using a apple cider vinegar toner (half unfiltered vinegar/ half water) after i wash my face before putting on lotion and my red marks are almost gone. IN TWO WEEKS! I also drink a teaspoon of it twice a day in one cup of water, nothing has EVER helped me this much

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Wow gluten free that's awesome congrats. Apple cider vinegar I have heard good things about through these boards and blogs but I am really nervous to try anything new in fear it will make things worse but I might give it a try, thanks for the advice!

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