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Day 24



So I've decided to start a blog about my journey on accutane. This is my first entry and it's already day 24. I am currently taking 10 mg, but I hope to be given a higher dose at my next dermatologist appointment. Before accutane my skin wasn't horrible but I definitely did have acne, and it is a HUGE blow to my confidence. I literally hide out in my house and refuse to go anywhere or do anything. I have damaged a lot of relationships with friends and family because I am so self conscious when it comes to my skin. Deciding to take accutane was a tough decision because I had read all the side effects and I was extremely nervous. However, after trying everything, and I mean everything I decided to give it a go and if I began to experience anything I would come off. Like I said earlier I am only on a 10mg dose, so I don't really think it's helping too much. I did have an initial breakout, or at least I think I did, and it seems to be clearing up a tad. However, I feel like when something clears up another patch forms and I begin the whole depressed cycle again. I've tried to keep my skin clear of any makeup or harsh chemicals in hopes that it would help. I am nervous to go up a dose because I don't want another initial breakout or for things to get a lot worse. I am praying that this drug will work because if it doesn't then I literally have nothing else to do.


hello :)

and it will work for you, you just have to be patient and clean your face really good!

ive been on it for about 3 months now and my face is starting to look great!! I was the same way as you are, i wouldnt go out, i refused to look in the mirror, refuse to take pics with my friends, and i wouldnt even like going out infront of my family without makeup! my acne was horrable i would cry because it was fustrating and i couldnt find anything to help. I starting noticing it more when a idiot guy in my class told me my face looked bad and i needed to do something about it...that really broke me!! :(

i tryed everything and my doctor gave up on me, i thought nothing could be done anymore but i then found a local dermatologist who put me on epiduo and then accutane!

my face looks great and people are staring to notice it, i dont put a big chunk of hair in front of my face anymore and that truly makes me feel good, people dont realize how much having acne can put you on a low self esteem but it truly does!

im here to help if you need anything, we all are! so you can email me or msg me :)

good luck!!

Vee! :)

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Thanks so much for the feedback! It feels so good to be able to talk to people who are going through the same exact thing and to hear all the positive comments and success stories. I'm just nervous about being on such a low dose that it won't work as quickly and like I said earlier I want to go on a higher dose, I'm just so scared that I'm gonna get another bad breakout. My skin is just starting to clear up and I can already tell that my confidence is increasing, so I don't want to fall back into a funk if I were to breakout again.

I'm trying to improve my diet and water intake with hopes that this will help detox my body of all it's toxins. I just want this all to be over. I know I need to be patient but suffering from acne for so long, it's so hard to not get discouraged when you don't really see a difference.

But thanks again for your comment!

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