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Another Update!



Sorry it's been so long guys! I've been so busy this summer, it's redunk, haha.

Ok, so I don't really have any active spots at the moment. HOORAY! I still have a lot of acne marks though. Blehhh.

The hydrogen peroxide has been working well, I think I'll keep using it for when I really need it. It didn't dry out my face at all, which was a main concern of mine seeing how sensitive my skin is. I'm going to be honest with y'all and say that it DOES sting when you put it on, but not as much as you might think. It's only a little really.

I do have some bad news though. So I was having a mini breakout, and I decided to put some toothpaste on as a spot treatment one night. So I did my usual thing, put it on blah blah, and when I was trying to fall asleep I noticed that it was stinging a little bit. I thought this was kind of odd, seeing as it normally doesn't do that. But I thought, "eh, it's late, I'm tired and too lazy to go wash it off. It probably just means it's working its magic." So I left it.


I woke up in the morning and took it off, and in the spots where I had put it on, it left my skin RED. Like, it was obviously red. You could see it from a mile away. So now I have these two blobs of red on my chin and cheek near my mouth. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I have used toothpaste on my face so. many. times. and this is the first instance where anything like this has ever happened! So I was freaking out, naturally.

Well, I put concealer on and went about my day. I couldn't just stay inside because of this, I had shit to do! I came home around 2 and looked in the mirror to see how my concealer was holding up. It had, thankfully, but my skin was EXTREMELY dry, and was like, cracked. If that makes sense.

By this time I'm like, "Great. Jusssst great." I've had this happen to me before, where my skin gets really really dry and cracks open and then I have to pound on the moisturizer to get rid of it. It happened over winter break too. So I periodically put on the Aveeno heavy-duty stuff (like every 5 minutes) until I have to go to bed. This was yesterday, by the way.

So today I woke up and went to go inspect my dry areas, and they had improved a LOT, which I am SOSOSO thankful for. They're still a little dry, but not at all like they were before. Now they're a manageable dry-not flaky, not cracked, just dry.

Phew, crisis averted, and in a remarkable amount of time! The last time I had a dryness episode, it was all over my face, and it stung like Jesus's hand had come down from the clouds above and gave me an almighty slap. It hurt to smile, it hurt to laugh, it hurt to MOVE. And it took a couple weeks to fully go away. Luckily, like I said, it was over winter break, so I didn't have to go out the entire time.

So now my dry patches are under control again, and my skin is doing fairly well.


Well, too late. I saw a commercial for X Out, a facial wash made by the same company as Proactiv. X Out is made especially for teens, and is a 1-step process. Its hook is that it's super low maintenance, and you can use it 3 different ways; a mask, a cleanser, and a spot treatment. So what you do is you wash your face with this stuff for 2 MINUTES. Now, they know us teens are lazy-ass kids, so they had this bright idea to help us stay entertained during the 2 minutes when we're washing our face. On the side of the bottle, there's a funky codey thing, and you scan it with your smartphone and a video comes up. It's a different one every time, and they're on a range of topics. All the videos are exactly 2 minutes, so you can zone out and watch this video while you're washing your face, and when the video ends you know you can stop.

Good job to the old guys in business suits sitting around a conference table! I think it's a super clever idea.

Annnnnd I REALLY want to try it.

"But Katherine, if the routine you're on now is working so well, why would you want to switch to something different?"

The answer is simple: It's supposed to be really good shit. The medicine stays in your skin and works 24/7, even when you rinse it off in the morning/at night. It's also supposed to work REALLY fast. And last but not least, I'm gullible. I'll try anything with good marketing.

So, I'm going to ask my mom to order it tonight (hopefully she'll say yes!) and then I'll let you know what happens from there! Later guys!


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