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Day 85



not much change. the bottom half of my face generally looks pretty good, just the bumps on my forehead. haha i sound like such a broken record, i know i should be grateful that my skin isn't that bad but to me it seems like the biggest deal in the world. i've been better about not taking this kind of thing so seriously, but still, i feel like if i'm going to all the trouble (and spending all the money) to take care of my skin, i should be happy with it.

does anyone else get scared to switch medications at a particular time because of events? i have a bunch of weddings/bachelorette parties/family events in the next couple months so i'm afraid that switching to retin-a .1 should wait until after these important events since i don't know how my skin will react. but then when it gets to be time to switch, i start thinking 'oh if i had just started when i first considered it i'd be done by now' ughh! i did the same thing when i started this topic, and actually considered just starting with .1, but got scared that it would be too irritating and just make my acne worse. isn't it amazing how much time we spend thinking about this stuff? i would love it if i had been one of those people who saw incredible, definite results in 12 weeks. i'm just afraid i'm not.


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