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Day 2: Feeling Sorry For Myself



So day 2 and it's not a good day. I woke up feeling great, then my pms decided to come and torment me again. Feeling wretched, ugly and in a bad place...so bad I went out for the first time without my 'bandage' (a piece of sterile gauze held over my chin area with sterile surgical tape).

I haven't been out much in the last couple of months but when I have no choice I go out with the safety net of my bandage. I had to go out today so going out without it today was a very big deal for me. I just thought 'you know what, sod what people think'. I took my daughter out with me in her pushchair and kept my eyes down avoiding eye contact with anyone even when I was being served at the PO and in the supermarket. I began to regret my decision and felt a mini panic attack coming on but I took deep breaths and carried on.

As for the treatment i'm on at the minute, the epiduo cream I applied last night felt very strange! I know it's supposed to cause irritation at first so i'm not worried about it, i'm following orders and building up slowly.

I also washed my hair in the shampoo I was prescribed and it dried my hair out, I couldn't even drag a brush through it!

So that's how it's going today, i'll update when I next see my dermatologist on Thursday.


Well done on going out today and tackling some of those insecurities. Even if it was a struggle and you started to panic, at least you went ahead and did it. It would have been easier not to step out of the door, I imagine, so give yourself credit for seeing it through. hifive.gif

No doubt it varies for everyone, but we all have bad days. That's all it is though, just one day. Best thing is to counter it and do something to treat yourself and lift your spirits. Tomorrow's a new day! smile.png

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Hey we r proud of you Mel..... your bound to have shitty days, ur human okay, so don't be too harsh on yourself.

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I know how you feel. sounds like your derm needs to put you on anti-biotics. The shame I can relate to. I went three years w/out insurance and could'nt prevent new breakouts. I felt like staying home a lot and often did. stay agressive with your acne and take it easy on yourself. realize you have a skin disease and demand agressive treatment. You have to attack acne on all fronts. You sound like you can handle anything! Way to be strong!

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That's a shame about your insurance :( it must have been such a difficult time for you.

Thank you, the tetralysal i'm on is a very high strength antibiotic/anti-inflammatory which is helping a lot. I'm getting much stronger and more determined by the day to beat this :)

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