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Day 15 Accutane



my face is still breaking out and I broke up in the morning I have 5 pimples on my head in the back . Did it happen to anyone? My face is dry now but I my hair is still oily and itchy sometimes . The side effect come and go they are not that bad. Please tell me Accutane is working. And how long the initial breakout last ?


i broke out on the 2nd month and it lasted 1 month 1/2. It was very bad. Some people have it worse than others but in the end you are going to be clearer than before and hopefully it won't take long. Do not worry, it will be all right. :)

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I broke out pretty bad when I first took it. Just a sign that it's working. It lasted maybe 6-8 weeks then my skin cleared up very well. The dry skin on my face was quite bad you really need a good moisturizer. Hang in there it will get better soon

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I'm on day 17 I guess ,and it's horrible , braking out a lot, but i'm chill because I know it will all pass , and within a few mouths I will have clear skin , we will have clear skin:).

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