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Accutane 80 Mg

Jacqueline Rademaker


Hello all,

Just wanted to update my Accutane progress (80 mg per day). I am currently on day 11 and I can honestly say I haven't experienced really bad side effects yet, although I know it is still pretty early even though I am on a crazy high dose. I don't break out that much but when I do get a pimple it scars my face (indent) so my doctor prescribed me Accutane. My lips are super super dry and flaking... ewww, my face is itchy in some places but it is like a quick itch and then it goes away. I don't have any joint or muscle pain, my eyes aren't dry, and my face hasn't started peeling yet. I have noticed that I am getting pimples in weird areas such as my arms and legs. Not many but one or two sprout up every now and then. I am getting pimples on my face but they are tiny tiny white heads that go away within hours. My doctor is allowing me to use Retin-A for the first month on Accutane so hopefully that helps with the dreaded IB. On day 8 I noticed that all of my black heads on my nose were completely gone! I have had black heads on my nose since middle school. It is crazy to actually feel a smooth nose, haha. I am leaving to go on vacation this afternoon and I am going to Lake Michigan... it sucks I can't lay out in the sun saywhat.gif I will keep everyone posted on my progress with Accutane. Thanks for reading! rolleyes.gif


I too am interested in accutane. I don't think my dermatologist will give it to me though since I am a lready on Spironolactone, Amoxil, topical clindamycin and tretinoin. I'll ask her though.

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Glad your trying accutane, ive been on it 3 months now and people are already starting to know the difference, i go to the bank and everyone tells me how great my face looks and let me tell you it really lifts up my self esteem! But on of the most things i do recomend is to use the ACNE.ORG regimen MOISTERIZER because man that stuff really works! ive been on this for 3 mths and my face is smooth not all scaly and dry, my doctor is really surprised she said my face should of been dry by like my 2 mth on it and its not :) so highly recommend it!! and also i had back pain problems my 2nd month but they went away, and i had a bad rash on both arms but those also went away and now i feel good!!! but anyway let me kow how everything goes for you!! :)

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