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Week 1 And 2 On The Regime With Uk Store Bought Products

Hi Everyone,


I am fairly new to the site, and once I had started reading round I thought I should give the regime a go.

I had been prescribed benzoyl peroxide before by my doctors, but gave up when it made my skin so dry! especially using soap before hand as suggested!

I recently went back to see if they had invented a new miracle cure. sadly not. I genuinely cried when I came out the doctors as I felt hopeless, and it just wasn't FAIR. Once I got a grip and stopped being so self absorbed and realised how lucky I was for other things in my life I cheered up. but still.

Before coming on here I never used moisturiser on my face as I believed they ALL gave me spots.

I never wore foundation make-up as it made me spotty too!

I will post some "before" pictures soon.- Note these were taken when my skin was improved temporarily from taking a supplement- I later dropped it as it stopped working and was expensive.

I will also put up some pictures of my skin now once I have taken them!

My spots mostly come up on my cheeks, jaw line, and some on my forehead.

My aim would be to get clear enough skin that i can wear make-up, not worry, not pick, and just be like everyone else!

SO. I bought:

Cleanser- No.7 foaming cleanser for oily skin.- I may change this as I believe it is a bit too drying.

Treatment- (had some panoxyl 5% cream left over so thought I would give it a go.)- definitly works, but very drying. I have some panoxyl 2.5% gel in the post off amazon now as the pharmacists all say it is being dicontinued?!?

Moisturiser- simple hydrating light moisturiser & simple vitamin night cream. (The night cream is good, but makes my face more red)

Jojoba oil- In the post from amazon, as I am really suffering from flakey red skin now. Should arrive next week.

So my routine follows the regime except I am currently using panoxyl 5% cream (half the volume recommended) with wet hands so I can spread it better.

Week 1- very dry flakey skin, not very red, but craking when my face moved! more pleasant than previous experience with BP as I could moisturise! Made the mistake of putting BP too close to my eyes. OUCH!

spots definitly decreased, no new ones arriving! wow!

Week 2- same issues with dry skin, cheeks much better, neck is now very dry and flakey. Started taking 30mg zinc, omega fish oil (1000mg), probiotic multivitamin. Should also mention I am on cilest the contraceptive, (have been for 4 and a half years), and have taken dairy out my diet (apart from the ocasional treat! hehehe)

I also try to eat low GI foods, get my 5 a day etc etc you know the drill.

I am very red this week! I want to put foundation on to cover it up a bit as I look sun-burnt, but avoiding it so far as I know it will only make me spotty!

I had/ have a couple of new spots come up- but they are not as big, red, or painful as before, and are going more quickly (touch wood!)

Stinging! face is sore and tight. But. MY SKIN IS CLEAR. (mostly...)

If the redness and peeling does not reduce with the jojoba and going down to 2.5% then I will try some sudocrem as apparently this is good. Not sure where to put it in the regime though...or that I should even be adding new things this early (I know I shouldn't)

The other option is adding in AHA- but I can't do that too soon... I think I must just be patient.

Also I would like to try a cream to reduce scarring (and freckles!) as they aren't cute now i'm 21.


Overall mood: generally very pleased as it has worked so quickly- but worried about the side effects not calming down. Hopeful for 2.5% BP and jojoba oil.

*EDIT* - I have put my photos in my gallery so you can see them there. especially my red face!


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