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Bad Week :/



Don't you just hate it when you feel your acne is actually making some progress, and then you see it in a new light and your stomach drops because it's still dreadful? Yeah this happened. I've been better about my acne as I haven't had to go out of the house for quite some time due to being sick. The Duac once daily gel is definitely working, but it's taking longer than I hope. Still taking Doxycycline antibiotics and my GP said if there isn't major improvement after the course she will refer me to a dermatologist to receive roaccutane treatment. If there was any time i'd like to receive the 'tane' treatment it would be during the summer so I could experience the initial breakout without the obligation of going to school too, and after the summer i would've hoped my skin will be clear.

Spending nearly two weeks alone at home now has really got me thinking about what a curse acne is. I remember at 13 the first time I had acne, a couple of pimples here and there, and i actually remember it affecting me. My mum bought me a clearasil face wash for like £3 and within 2 days my skin was completely flawless, I even remember going up close to the mirror in bright light just to see the perfect skin. WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE DAYS!? Now it's all long term acne, red marks, creams and pills that just take up so much of my thoughts, when I should be doing other things at my age. Life sucks right now.

On a positive note the Bells Palsy symptoms seem to be ok, For anyone that doesn't know what it is, its a temporary paralysis of one side of the face. My doctor said it should be fully functional within a week though, it's basically there already. Once i'm recovered i'm gonna put an end to this! :)


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