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End Of Week 2 - No Washing



As promised, here is my update from the end of week 2.

Week 2 was definitely not what I expected. I thought it was go as well as week 1; but alas, it did not. I am not going to go into every single zit I encountered all week - but lets just say, I definitely saw new acne. I started getting a lot of new acne on my forehead. The zits around my eyebrows got better on one side and never subsided on the other. It was misery because it was definitely one of those massive ones that just won't die. I ended up having to pop that one along with a few others on my forehead. I was just getting too self-conscious and they were not going anywhere or healing.

I have only had 2 new zits around my jaw! So I guess that is good. I stopped shaving entirely because I figured that was undoing the whole point of the caveman regimen. So, again, not sure why I am still getting new zits in these areas but I am hoping that my skin just needs time to balance and heal.

Speaking of time, this week has made me realize that this process, for me, is going to take upwards to a year to see the results I want. That doesn't mean I expect perfection in a year or that I expect that one year from now I will wake up and my face will miraculously heal. I just think it is going to take a long term change to make the difference. I have started thinking about taking care of my skin in the same way as working out. There is no easy, quick solution to maintaining your body. Whether you are obsessing over losing weight or gaining weight. It just takes time and patience. Luckily, this method doesn't ask a lot of you! So, I imagine, for my face anyway, if this actually does end up working, it is just going to take a really long time. A year of leaving it completely alone will help tremendously. It will be interesting to see how it does after another few weeks and even a few months.

Additionally, this week has been extremely stressful and unlike other weeks I would call normal. We lost power on Friday night and have yet to get it back. I have visitors from out of town in and they've been in since Sunday. One of this has been driving me completely crazy and I have had to carry around my whole life back from forth from the city to a friends house where I am currently still sleeping on a couch. And even the couch didn't enter the equation until Monday night. Which means I had been dealing with no air conditioning while I slept for three nights. Needless to say, this week has been a huge clusterfuck. I am going home next week to visit my family all week so I hope that will prove to be a less stressful week and will allow my body some time to rest and recover.

If anyone is trying this or thinking of trying it then I will be the first to say that it was very hard to keep my faith in this process when I was breaking out. I had just got a short haircut so I was super annoyed that I was breaking out on my forehead. As hard as it is, I feel like you just have to put your faith in something. I put my faith in products for far too long and they did nothing for me. I read a blog where someone did this process and they basically said you just have to let your acne run its course. I do believe that I got in the first place from a combination of BP and over showering. However, I still think products are quick fixes and now I have to undo what I did by waiting. If its 6 months from now and there is absolutely NO change just new acne in different places... well then I will be skeptical of this process. Again, I don't plan on never letting water hit my face again - I am just letting the skin heal first. As soon as it doesn't seem so dry, flaky (dead skin mask) etc... anymore, I will start using water once a day in the shower. I envy those for who this process worked faster. I suppose my skin just needs more time. Time will only tell I guess.

My skin does look better today! The zits on my forehead are drying up and today is the last day I have my visitors. I am seriously just hoping once I am home and relaxed I will see this process working a little better than it has this dreaded week.

Wish me luck!

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what if your acne is not external but internal? I think going caveman only works if acne is minor and only a result of cosmetic or facial regimen crap..if its hormonal then I do not think you will get much results..idk..lemme know

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