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Derm Visit: Bactrim, Experiments End: B5, Nofap.



So I had my derm visit today, first time ever going to a derm for my acne. After the niceties and my background info he flat out said that as an adult, lol, i had two choices, antibiotics or accutane. A pretty big part of me wanted to take the tane but as you may have guessed from the title I'm going the antibiotic route, he also pushed them as a last effort before trying tane. I feel like i have to atleast try a proper antibiotic course first, though after reading about the side effects of Bactrim i might have felt more comfortable just going tane. (Worst case scenarios are stevens johnsons syndrome, bacterial resistance so bactrim cant be used for more serious things and possibly death, lol, but seriously google the severe side effects of this antibiotic and be scared) Add to this that my sister is allergic to bactrim, the possibility of me not completing the 16 week course is increasing. I plan on being extremely vigilant to any side effects due to the aforementioned and will stop immediately at any sign of allergy, hopefully my mind doesn't play tricks on me cause i already feel itchy and havnt even taken any. I also asked for a topical of some sort but he declined, disappointed, because i had told him of my allergic reaction to BP, will reevaluate this later cause i dont believe antibiotics are a long term solution to acne, will definitely ask for one if, IF, the course goes well and i need to taper off. Not much else i cant think to write about from the derm, except i forgot to ask about my self diagnosed keratosis psoriasis on the back of my arm.

16 weeks of 800/160 Bactrim DS twice daily with food. Also bought a pro-bitotic to repair some of the damage I'm going to be doing to my body.

Since I'm starting Bactrim I will no longer be taking 5g of B5 a day. I took B5 for 5 weeks, with 3g week 1, 4g week 2, 5g onwards. Results: I think there has been a slight improvement, my problem area has calmed a little and my face overall might be a bit less oily, my lips do feel and look a bit drier asswell. I've also recently done nofap/abstained completely for 50-odd days and i feel this did little if anything for my skin. Otherwise I did have a touch more energy, was definitely angrier but flatlined after about 5 weeks.

So off to do more research on Bactrim, undecided whether to start tonight (would only take one pill today) or start 'properly' tomorrow by following the instructions of 'twice a day', i feel like i should start tonight so if i do have an allegic reaction i can catch it faster.


I have been on antibiotics off and on for 20 yrs with no problems. Don't be scared. Acne is way worse than anti-biotics.

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HEY! I was just offered Accutane yesterday from my dermatoligist and let me tell you! those side effects! WOW! lol scary but im definently gonna do it. i was on bactrim about 2 months ago for 4 weeks and developed severe allerigic reactions to it so accutane is my last resort to clear skin! haha i actually just started my accutane blog just minutes before seeing this! :D GOOD LUCK with the bactrim hope it works as amazing as it did for me for u and hopefully ur not allergic to it like me!!

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I'm not scared of anitbiotics per se, but i am slightly concerned about the specific side-effects of bactrim. I'm also

not a fan of the idea of being on anti-biotics long term, as much as i do want to have clear skin i also want to keep myself healthy on the inside.


Yeah i've read quite a bit on bactrim and it seems you either get clear or have an allergic reaction. I'll check out your blog seeing as its the next step if bactrim doesnt work and a similar journey to tane.

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