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Day?/month 4?



I'm back! And I have some good news. My acne is clear, and it's only taken 3/4 months. I do get spots still but doesn't everyone. In fact, I'm happy when I get them because it means my face is still alive and I haven't killed it with all the tampering haha. I'm so happy and I really hope people read this little blog just so you can all get here as well. It may not be the end, anything could happen but i'm making the most out of every day. It feels so good to look in a mirror and smile with confidence.

So how did this happen? I wrote a bad entry last time round but in the month that I didn't come on here things started to change. The spots were still coming up but they were getting smaller each time they came until eventually I'd get raised bumps without any colour. I still get them even now, but believe me, they are un-noticeable.

So to review:

Month 1 - Big difference, solved the worst part of the acne and made pimples less aggressive. Brought out larger spots in white/yellow heads. There was a lot of dry skin. Use simple moisturiser, it's clean and works as well as an expensive cream.

Month 2 - Not much change, new spots were coming up but were easier to handle, less sore and were getting smaller. No sign of large white heads. Dry skin remained the same. Continue using simple.

Month 3 - Started to have an initial break out which lasted ages. Large aggressive spots however went down after a day only for new ones to pop up.

Month 3/4 - Spots started clearing with only a few surfacing. Redness disappeared, no soreness, very small pimples. Forehead cleared, and chin cleared. Continue using simple moisturiser and also simple face wipes.

Month 4- Clear skin finally. Red marks remain but are easily covered with barely any oil-free tinted moisturiser. Continuing with simple moisturiser.

Definitely 4 months worth it to get the clear skin. I feel like me again.

Good luck everyone, and please, if nothing has worked so far, or even if you haven't been on a product before, please consider Acnecide. It has worked wonders and doesn't leave your skin itchy and and icky.

Left a picture of a recent night out. I'm in the white. I chose this one because apart from my eye make up, I haven't got foundation on, only moisturiser and you can see how clear my skin is. The light hides the red marks. Hope this blog helps, here's to fighting acne!

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Yay! Well done, Abi! :hifive:

My advice going forward, for what it's worth, would be to continue taking care of your skin and to keep doing what you're doing. Keep taking care of your skin and maintain things so that you can stay as clear as you currently are. It's sometimes a bit too easy to fall back into old habits or whatever when our skin clears, only to then end up back where we started. Done that myself a few times.

Great that you've seen the results you have, and in a relatively short period of time, too. Your skin's looking amazing so you're quite right to be happy with it and to enjoy it. Here's hoping it continues!


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