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Referral For Accutane Finally!



After 9 months of waiting, I will be taking this 'miracle drug'. My referral to Guy's hospital finally agreed with Accutane and will be starting on next monday, hopefully. Once the blood works come back and I will be ready to go! The derm was extremely nice, he explained the side effects and told me that it is my decision whether to take the drug or not and not any others. I didnt wear any makeup just in case if I broke down and needed to cry and beg for it. I had to sign documents promising not to get pregnant and have opted out of pregnancy tests and taking the pill. However, I will need my blood to be tested every month, which I am absolutely terrified. But a little pain in exchange for clear skin is definitely worth it.

I will need to prepare myself for the drug. Does anyone have any recommendations in what I should buy? :)


You will need LOTS of moisturiser!! Cetaphil is the best that I've tried, I use the lotion & the cream on the really dry areas. I wouldn't bother buying anything else yet until you see which side effects you get, you might not get anything else! Good luck with your journey :)

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i wanna ask you : did your derm. why you have to do blood works before the accutane and every month when you take it?

i had the last week an appoiment with a derm and he told me about sotret( the same thing but another name) and he didn't tell me about any blood tests either before or every month when you're on accutane and i still don't know if i'm going to take it or no because of the side effects

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Blood tests are to make sure that your liver and cholesterol levels are fine. Accutane can make cholesterol levels very high so you will have to be closely monitored. My acne is stubborn and I am sick of trying other medications thats the only reason why I am trying it. hopefully this answers your question

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mine too. i tried so many creams and antibiotics but with no result. i think accutane will be my last attempt to get rid of acne

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