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My Current Regimen



I am 33 and have struggled with acne ranging from mild to severe (severe lately) for the past 20 years. It is embarrassing, frustrating and can be very itchy/painful. I am currently stuck in the house on a Saturday night because I had a salicylic acid peel yesterday. I am more determined than ever to eradicate it. I have tried every antibiotic, benzol peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, aspirin masks, spironolactone/Yaz, Accutane, every topical Rx medicine, weight loss, colonics, steaming, laser ppx treatment, facials, a vegan diet for 9 months/vegetarian for 12 months, allergy testing, expensive supplements and eliminating practically every food group at one time or another. Many of these treatments have cleared me up a lot for a time and then the acne seems to come back full force.

I just started metformin for the first time two and a half weeks ago. I have decided to try a new strategy: to tackle what's going on internally with the endocrinologist and calorie restriction/exercise and tackle what is going on externally at my dermatologist's office that does a lot of cosmetic stuff. I am also praying and hopeful that I will clear up by my next birthday!!

After being tested several times by several different doctors for PCOS and getting negative results over the past ten years, I finally went to an endocrinologist 6 weeks ago and he ran every test imaginable. He told me that my A1C hemoglobin was just under the borderline for insulin resistance/pre-diabetes and that my testosterone was a little elevated, but my androgens didn't look crazy and everything else was normal. He put me on metformin and is having me go from 500mg to 2000 mg over the course of two months, increasing the dose by 500mg every two weeks. I am six pounds overweight according to the BMI charts, and the doctor says I need to lose about twenty to twenty-five pounds and that the metformin should help with that. I just increased the dosage from 500mg to 1000mg this past week and it made me a bit dizzy, but I am not craving carbs/sugar as much, I just get hungry at mealtimes.

I also am going to do salicylic peels monthly at my derm’s office and am having a consultation for blue and red light therapy in three weeks. I had my first 20% peel yesterday and am stuck in the house today, but I think my skin is reacting well to it. I can’t wait to go out tomorrow, as I am going stir-crazy!!

I will log my progress and anything else I find. I welcome any suggestions from PCOS sufferers!

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