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Breakout :(



You are all smart people, so you can figure out by the title that I am breaking out at the moment. Luckily it's summer and I don't have to do anything or really be around people, haha.

It might be because I ran out of my usual moisturizer and had to use another one in the meantime before I could go out and get another bottle.

Fortunately, however, it's not too bad of a breakout, and the spots are really small. But still, it's annoying.

Tonight I'm going to try the good ol' hydrogen peroxide thing. This is my first time doing it, so I'm a bit nervous, seeing as it could bleach my face and whatnot. I'm only using a 3% though, so hopefully it won't do any damage.

I went to the beach today and got some niceee color, especially on my back. My spots there are considerably smaller, even from this morning! THE BEACH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, PEOPLE.

The first time you go out there and are all pasty might be a tad bit awkward, but go to the far side of the beach where there aren't a lot of people. That's what I do! After the first time and you get a little tan, just keep going and you'll build up a tan (woohoo!) AND your acne will clear up! Plus, who doesn't love the beach? It's summer, it's fun, get out there!!

I'll let you know tomorrow how the hydrogen peroxide trick works out. Later guys! :)


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