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Day 74



10 weeks! just got back from europe...a work trip which was awesome but pretty tiring. my skin didn't seem to like europe...there was no air conditioning and lots of walking so i was so sweaty and hot the whole time. the texture of my skin got kind of bumpy and dry, plus i was getting my period so i got some whiteheads. my forehead has several more clogged pores...i can't tell if it's from the sweat/lack of good exfoliation or what. i'm going to give this a couple more weeks to hit 12 full weeks...but if i still feel like my forehead is bumpy i'm going to go up to .1. i refuse to spend all my time hoping that something will work. i know i like the retin-a micro better than atralin, so i'm willing to try a dosage increase.


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Are you using some vitamins like zinc , oil fish?

What about ur regimen?

good luck with ur course!

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i actually don't! do you recommend any? i feel like there's just so many out there that i'm overwhelmed with them.

my regimen in the morning: wash with aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser, aczone, and olay moisturizer for sensitive skin. evening: was with aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser, retin-a .04, cetaphil moisturizing cream.

thank you for the luck! i have my fingers crossed...

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