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Why Wont It Go!?

Liam Foster


So i haven't posted on here in a while because I personally was happy with how my acne was going. I wasn't getting many new acne and it started to clear up. However just in the past week or so, my forehead started to breakout once again really bad, it's like I can run my finger over it and feel lumps and the next day those lumps turn into big red pimples. However now my cheeks have gotten worse which was the last thing i wanted!!! And the bad thing is, is that I dont just get one new pimple, get about 3 or 4 just popping up together in a cluster, really hurtful ones too. I just dont understand at all!!! I have been doing exactly the same thing, but yet just out of nowwhere boom! new acne. What is causing it!!!!! I would pay anything in this world to know what was causing my acne!!! I havent been out of the house in, well, I dont even know, and everyday I wake up Im feeling more and more ill because of it. Slowly wearing me down. I am 19 and look about 40. It's ok for girls, because they can put makeup on to hide it etc, but what am I supposed to do! Im a guy and its my birthday soon and i wont even be going out for that! I just wanted my face decent enough so i can could enjoy my birthday with friends havent seen in a long time. However it looks like my acne has spoiled that as well.


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I noticed your blog a week or two ago and can relate to your experience so much! I was given that azelaic acid too and it didnt work whatsoever, so i've been prescribed duac once daily gel and I can at least see minor improvement, maybe try that if you haven't already. My acne is worse on my cheeks and hardly get it on my forehead, even though I have a fringe, so don't know what to make of that. You're not the only one suffering mate don't worry, I know how it feels when you see all your friends with completely clear skin and they mustn't even realise how lucky they are. Have you considered taking accutane? My doctor said it would work and I've had her for a while and have decided she is a good doctor, although I am aware of the side effects and it looks a bit risky.

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Yeah mate it just pisses me of you know because only last year I had clear skin!!! It has changed me so much and I hate it! And tbh i have considered accutane but also kow the side effects. Its such a shame that the only thing that looks like it can get rid of them will hurt me internally. Fucking sick of it pal

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I know what it feels like to have clear skin then one day wake up and all of a sudden you got your first zits. Then it keeps getting worse and worse till you just want to hide away in your house all day. I went form having no acne when seeing my dermatologist to having over severe acne in 2months it was a huge shock to me and i just didn't know what i was doing wrong and i still don't know. But what i do know is that i went on accutane and it is working great for me for the first month i broke out but after that it started to clear up ass for side affects nothing bad really just dry lips and always thirsty because it drys you got pretty good. So yeah i'd go on that mate and trust me just come out and tell your mates that you have bad acne it'll help you out in the long run so you have someone to talk to and so your not so self conscious see i did the wrong thing and hid away in my house for 6 months feeling like shit don't do that just live your life man and don't let it get you down.

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