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Battle Week 2



Week 2 with a healthy approach. I did cheat a few times and had some ice cream but I believe it might be more than just dairy thats breaking me out. Im going to drink more green tea, more water, more fruit and more exercise praying this will help. My acne has gone down a little so far, this process is going by very very slow. We all find ourselves impatient with Acne especially some of us with insecure issues like myself. Im going to continue using proactiv with the added moisturizer from Paulas choice. If you havent heard of her and her products I HIGHLY reccommend!(www.paulaschoice.com) Her moisturizers are thick and have saved my skin from dry flakyness. I will NEVER use another moisturizer again. To all who is fighting acne, I wish you rhe best. Sometimes this skin disease can get the best of us. Keep your head up and smile because soon we all will have beautiful skin.



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