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What Should I Eat And What Should I Avoid While On Accutane



Hey guys I was wondering what should I eat and what should I avoid while I`m doing accutane tratament , because my dermatologist told me to eat normal but I heart a lot of people saing u should not eat that , and etc.I want ur opinion.

An another question ,a stupid one , but it`s bothering me somehow , does masturbation affect acne?


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hey, i went through accutane treatment myself 6 years ago and i have to say its very effective and i have not had even a single pimple since 6 years :).

about wht u should eat and wht not, well u dont have to change ur diet at all, i didnt ,but have to drink plenty of water and milk and juices as u can get some side effects ...

well good luck.

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I am currently on accutane middle of month 5. And I havent really changed my diet either. My diet to begin with is not ideal but not bad. I eat meat, dairy and all sorts of things in moderation, so I have just been watching myself that im not eating fast foods or chips and sweets all the time to increase my cholesterol. I would say though that my stomache has become upset with even the slightest bit of dairy consumption( mostly milk ), and I do enjoy milk in my coffee and other beverages. So I have mostly decreased or limited my milk and some dairy products like ice cream which i find tough for my stomache to handle. But everyones different! Goodluck!

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have a lot of water.

accutane is drying,but having said that topical moisturiser is necessary to avoid extreme dryness(resulting in cracks and darkening) like i had.

so please be careful.

u can check the links i'd sent u earlier.

what med are u on btw?

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I've been wondering the same thing as well. I just stopped dipping as well which I think will have a big impact. As for diet I think a normal diet is ok because we all know that diet isn't the root cause of our acne. I'm on accutane 80mg a day so I'm on the strongest dosage and I'm almost 2 months in. As for your last question, I've been wondering the same thing because I heard it releases hormones/opens/closes pores fast which isn't goo but I don't know how factual that is. I would try to cut down on masturbating, it actually makes you feel a lot better when you don't and sometimes the slightest things when having bad acne like I do, makes a difference.

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