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End Of Month 4. Side Effects Are Not Giving Up On Me Yet!



What can I tell you.....still there are not a single new spot on my face which is amazing!

What else..... the inside of my nose is so dry I can feel the air slash and burn it as I breath. I still have a kind of ulcer near my mouth which does not want to heal. I am hopeless with my dry lips-they dry then peel then bleed and hurt and the cycle repeats! Aquaphor gave up on me this week. I can use my lips as a sand paper to polish wood now! I am loosing my hair which I am ok with....I hope it stops when I finish the course but if not, I will shave all and get myself a wig or whatever!smile.png

Am I happy?! I am:) I can see that accutane works and even if it would not last long I will still be happy with whatever time I would have with my acne free face.smile.png I can look in the mirror and introduce my new self to myself.

Wishing all the best to all,



Nice progress !!

I`m only in week 1 day 1 , when i will be able to see some improvment?

You have clear skin now?

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Nice ... uhhh im getting breakouts and im on day 7! but i guess it can be the sleeping late and regular break outs not bad. GOODLUCK :)

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Maritimu12, I could see the progress only at the end of month3 because my IB lasted about a month 1/2. I have no active acne at the moment but I do have pigmentation which is left and needs to be dealt with after accutane treatment. Time flies by so you will see improvements soon, I am sure!:)

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pmejia27, it is better to have breakouts at the beginning like you have now as apposed to me who enjoyed 1 month of clearing out acne and then IB had to spoil it! So, keep your head up all is going to be goo!:)

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