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Regimen For 1.5 Year : Results



Hi everyone!

I am going to tell a little bit about my fight against acne since March 2011.

Today is 27th of June 2012 so it almost 1 year and 4 months passed.

What kind of skin I have right now?

- Well, better....definitely

- I have enlarged pores I don't why...

- No redness

- I have some break outs every time but they are not so many as be

-AND what I also have are some kind of white pimples you know, they are not inflammatory but they make my skin look less flawless. I think it is the remainder from benzoyl peroxide...may be I apply too much of it and less moisturizer may be because of the large pores they just stay there...

(I don't know if others ever have faced the same problem)

What have I done until now?

- Used the products from Acne.org? NO.

- Used regimen? YES

My products:

1) Facial cleanser Neutrogena

2) Benzac 5 % (I couldn't find any 2.5%)

3) Moisturizer (Neutrogena for combined skin)

4) Jojoba oil

No AHA unfortunately. Just couldn't get any in my country.

So everything was good in Summer 2011. For the first time in my life enjoyed that summer really: went to sea, lake not worrying that my skin will get red or flaky because of the sun or water.

So for some time I just stopped using regimen diligently. Like applying BP only for regions with small acne, not using moisturizer and this was my biggest mistake. I don't know why just was too happy to worry again.

So everything was good until January 1st 2012. After that time my skin got worse but not so bad but it started to have some white heads, breakouts as I had said.

So I started again with strict regimen and it is actually not bad again now, but still have some pimples.

My advice for beginners: be ready to use regimen for 2 years or at least 1 year very diligently. To be totally clean. Dan is great I like him. Actually I liked the very idea of Regimen. Hope I will get right products soon(((( to have it more effective.


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