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Day 7 No Washing



I know I said I wasn't going to post again for another week but I needed to add a few details.

- No new acne today!

- All the acne I spoke of in Day 6 is going away! Yay!

- I wanted to make sure I updated everyone on two other changes to my routine that I believe are helping.

1. I am extra careful when brushing my teeth to not let any toothpaste get on my skin. I am even trying my hardest to ensure that i get as little as possible on my lips. Wouldn't it be interesting if that was a factor in why so many people's lips are dry?

2. I am now making sure to get at least 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil in order to boost my daily omega 3 intake. Since our sebaceous glands use the oils in our diet to produce sebum, I want to make sure I am getting enough of each kind! And salmon is expensive! In order for this to be effective, I bought the refrigerated, cold pressed and unfiltered, organic flaxseed oil from Whole Foods. I bought a more expensive brand because it was higher quality. Again, I am not over doing it; just about a tablespoon a day.

As for the comment on my previous post: I really appreciate your concern! Please do not worry though. I have been to the dermatologist and I have done these creams and anti-biotics before. I am sure that people with severe acne may need these kinds of solutions. My skin is just really sensitive and needs to recover from a few years of harsh chemicals and over moisturizing. Believe me, I can tell this is what my face needs just by the way it looks after 7 days. I have insurance and if need be, I will go back to the dermatologist. However, I am almost 100% positive this has to do with my skin needing to readjust.

My honest opinion is that too many anti-biotics for too long will destroy all the healthy bacteria in your body. Studies are showing that it is difficult to repopulate your body after you have been on anti-biotics long term. Believe what you will but it makes no logical sense that Americans need to be on anti-biotics and nobody else does.

I think acne starts when you reach adolescence, triggered by hormonal imbalances and probably triggered by our health and eating habits at that age. It lasts or starts into adulthood for some, like me, because a lot of people, especially white people, have sensitive skin and try to resolve their acne by putting chemicals on their face in hopes of fixing it. For me, that threw off the balance of moisture in my skin which lotion cannot fix. All of those solutions are short term fixes.

I agree that not washing your whatsoever is an extreme. I do not intend on continuing this regimen forever. Like I said, I am waiting for my skin to stop feeling so dry and to start looking healthy, smooth, and a little moist. That is when I will know my skin has reached a healthy balance and can tolerate a shower every now and again. But everyone is different. You really do have to find your own balance. For people with sensitive skin, I would go the route of washing/cleansing less. It just makes the most sense.

Ok, update for week 2 next week!


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