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Another Product That Could Help My Serious Acne/scars.. =)



Hey everyone!

Just to follow up with my last entry, this blog is to help me and others discover ways to make acne leave once and for all, after a long time of investing. All good things come with time. The same goes for our painful and chronic acne issues. I understand how difficult acne can be on our lives...I really want to share any success stories I may encounter with you guys, so that we can all fight acne.

My acne is a hormonal issue. No matter what I do, it is almost impossible for it to go away. I have yet to go to the dermatologist or OB/GYN because I don't have health insurance.

I can say that exercise and sweating is one of the BIGGEST ways to control our acne! Also, we have to be consistent in eating healthier foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We have to try hard to stay away from a diet that consists of refined sugars and processed foods. These things are bad for our bodies and our pores.

I recently bought Mederma advanced (for scarring) because I have serious scars from the past. I got these scars on my ankles from ice skating. The skates dug into my ankles and left dark scars that are still there. When I read the packaging for this product, it said it can help with acne scarring. I think I believe it, because my friend told me it helped with scarring on her body. If this product is already effective with scars, I'm sure it would be effective with acne scars too. I am excited to see how much it will help. Another point is that this product is more expensive..it runs for about $22, depending on where you get it. I think it is better quality than most acne creams/gels.

Remember everyone, here are some important things to help with acne:

-Use gentle face washes and try switching it up by buying natural ones (ex: Burt's Bees Acne Wash) *AVOID HARSH SCRUBS/FACE WASHES*

-Eat healthier


-Use oil free and non-comodegenic makeup and lotions!

Please comment if you have any experience with Mederma Scar Gel for your acne.

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