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The Terrors Of Bacne *duhn Duhn Duhhhnnn!*



Hello everyone! So today I'm going to be discussing (cough, ranting more like) my bacne. I knoww, it's a gross topic, but I'm pretty positive that a lot of people here have it too. So here we go!

Lately I've been using a glycolic wash in the shower; I believe it'scalled the Glycolix 5-2 Formula. You can get it online, that's where I got it. I use it with an exfoliator brush and I swear it has worked miracles for me. The exfoliation is really great for getting rid of dead skin cells and getting out all the sweat, dirt, and grime (an especially important aspect for summer time!).

I've also been putting on Adapalene 0.1%. You guys, this stuff is magical. Some of the spots on my back are on my shoulder blades riiight underneath my bra strap, so it rubs during the day and it gets really painful. This adapalene shrinks the pimple overnight AND makes it stop hurting. Awesome, right?

I also use this stuff on my face after my moisturizer, and it not only clears up any current little spots I may have, but it prevents new spots as well.

So seriously guys, major shout out to this stuff!

Getting back to the subject at hand, with it being summer and all, it's super duper hot, naturally, so I want to wear tank tops. I have some really really cute ones that I adore and wish I could wear with confidence, but alas, I cannot. Darn you, you awful unsightly back spots!!

But I'm going to keep exfoliating, using my glycolic wash/adapalene, and getting in the sun and ocean AS. MUCH. AS. POSSIBLE. I haven't really had time to thus far with summer gym and all, but this is the last week for it, so as soon as it ends I'm turning into a major beach bum! wink.png

I'll keep you guys updated!


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