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Day 6 No Washing



Day 6 was sort of a set back - I mentioned earlier that I had these two zits above my eyebrows. Those are still there and there appears to be another on my forehead and another above my eyebrow. However, this is likely my fault. Because I have a hard time leaving the zits alone, I tend to touch and feel where I know zits are on my face. Therefore, I have a feeling my touching and slight picking has caused these new zits. So here is my advice even though we have all heard it a MILLION TIMES - DO NOT PICK. Don't even touch your face.

Therefore, I have adopted yet another plan of action concerning my face. No more mirrors. With the exception of brushing my teeth and driving, I will not be using any more mirrors. They only cause me to obsess over what my skin looks like and search for every blemish I could possibly find. With it only being day 6, I realized I am never going to see the results I want if I do not allow myself to stop obsessing.

So now I have to let these annoying zits above my eyebrows work themselves out. UGH! But seriously, inspection of skin had to stop. I literally promised myself I would limit my mirror use to avoid touching and/or picking.

Upon reflection, I realized picking is a lot like using products on your face to begin with. You see something, go to pick at it, and end up causing more harm than you would have if you just left it alone in the first place. Its also just silly because I am not letting water touch my face so why do I continue to convince myself it is ok to pick with my fingers?! Oh man, lesson finally learned. Hopefully this won't be too much of a set back.

NO new zits anywhere else! And the skin around my chin is looking much better! And I shaved with my electric razor last night so I was a little concerned for what it was going to look like this morning. But no irritation that I could see!

In general, what I am noticing is that on a daily basis, there is not a lot to share. In fact, while it was helpful to keep up with this routine on a daily basis, I am now realizing that this routine is going to take a rather long time to fully heal and show the effects that I actually want to see. Therefore, in the same way I am going to give up mirrors, I am not going to blog about my skin daily anymore. I do, however, want to keep up with the blog and promise I will! But, I want to sort of wait for a few days at a time. I probably won't update again until another week has passed and so on.

So there you go! Almost completed a whole week on the caveman method. I can honestly say, given my slight picking and the regenerating my skin needs, my skin is starting to look better. Not great but not horrible! I will keep you all updated once a week! My new "end" goal is to get to August 20th - that is my first day back at work so I figured it was a good day to arbitrarily assign as my "end" date. I say "end" because I am not sure I will continue to only take baths and never get my face wet, whatsoever. My guess is that I will occasionally shower and occasionally take a bath. Wash my face with water every once in a while and leave it alone otherwise. But that all depends on this "end" date of mine. My determination will be made based on whether or not I continue getting new zits. If I continue getting them, I am going to assume I need to keep letting my skin heal. I have read that for some people this can take months. And I am determined to see it through. However, if I feel like my skin is no longer tight, the flakes have gone away on their own, and I am not getting new acne, I will start letting water hit my face again...every once in a while!

Check back in a week! Hopefully these blasted zits from my picking will dissipate soon!

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ok...you need to get to a dermatologist quick! You need a retinoid like retin-a or tazorac or differin gel. In addition to that you need a topical anti-biotic, ask for clindamycin by name. You also need an oral anti-biotic like Keflex or Amoxil (my namesake). Wash your face at least twice per day to remove excess oil. You are on the right track with no picking and squeezing pimples but you need an anti-biotic regimen to get your acne under control. Please seek professional help. Then you can stop avoiding mirrors. Btw, so you don't feel so bad, I did not have medical insurance for three years and I started bizarre rituals like avoiding mirrors also. Please try to get some healthcare! Promise me you will....

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