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Differin Cream 0.1



Hey, I was wondering if you could help me! I just got put on differin 0.1 and erythromycin tablets! I started about 4 days ago, and I feel like its really cleared up my cheeks as no breakouts have been coming up as they normally would have! But suddenly just got loads of lil pimples on my forehead and around my chin and mouth? I wake up and have a breakout, this would happen before I put on this medication, but it just seems to be worst! I've noticed that as I'm using the cream and not the gel this cream makes my face very oily/shiny when I apply it! Especially on my nose! This isn't helping my blackheads!!!!! Wouldn't my skin clog up because of the oiliness ? I really want my blackheads and whiteheads to just disappear but will this product help this? How long did it take for yours to start working. I also use clean and clear exfoliation on my face before applying the cream.. But could I get away with using a toner before applying it as well? I am going to keep going on with this product, I just want your advice on how you feel about this! Thanks x


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with any retinoid it takes time and sometimes your skin purges or breakouts at the start due to the layers of skin been shed.

The gel is a little more potent and absorbs into the skin better than the cream. Though the cream is designed for oily skin.

Try not to use too many scrubs or harsh products as this will irritate your skin further when using differin.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for your advice, never knew it was designed for oily skin! I think I will keep using this product and see where it leads me.

Thanks again

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I would say that...I know this is irritating but...Amoxil and Keflex work way better than erythromycin (big word). I would also say stick with the differin. I think its fantastic that you are on a retinoid. Be kind to your skin and work with your dermatologist and eventually you will have normal skin. As others have stated, sometimes a retinoid like differin, retin-a or tazorac wil make your skin temporarily worse...but if you stick with it you'll see results. Sounds like you're on your way to clear skin. Peace!

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Thankyou for such positive words!! I guess things have only got to be worst to get better!! I just keep hearing different storys to differin! But everyone has different skin, and 4 days of using it, I see abit of clear skin coming along. I'm sure gonna keep having ago with this product.

Thanks so much

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sorry Shannon i meant to say the cream is designed for dry skin and the gel for oily skin.

Keep your head up and my prays are with you :)

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