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Embarrassed, How To Ask Your Mom To Order You Acne Products?



Okay so I've been looking into the regimen on here and after researching and watching a video on youtube of this girls story with acne and how she got clear I think im just gonna order the BP treatment, I didn't want to have to ask my mom to order it online so i tried to see if there was anything pretty much the same that you can just buy at the drugstore but the only thing it seems like is the neutrogena on the spot but that comes in a tiny tube and i dont want to keep having to buy them. The promblem with ordering it is that we don't usually buy stuff online and im afraid she'll say no that my acne isn't bad enough (to me its horrrible) but i dont want to wait for it to get so bad i have indented scars cause i already have red/purplish marks from acne, I never really talk to her about my acne cause im embarrassed but I really want clear skin before the start of the next school year. So please any advice on how to ask/convince her to order me the BP treatment?


Hi! I had the same problem, and i'm a guy so it was slightly more awkward. However, like I learned, she is your mom so if you tell her its affecting you i'm sure she'll get you what you need. I did it in a way that seemed as though my acne was only a slight annoyance, and so when you say it just speak to her casually, but also emphasise you'd really like the treatment. Alternatively, if you go to your doctor they can prescribe you with BP treatment without having to order it online. I'm from the UK luckily get it free on the NHS, and am unsure whether it it expensive or not. Hope i've helped!

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My advice would be to explain and be honest. If you tell her how it makes you feel then that will help her understand why you want and need to tackle it. By the same token, if you explain your reasons for wanting to use those products specifically and show her that it's safe to order them online, etc., that would help ease any concerns she may have.

There's no need to be embarrassed by your acne, not really. It's just a fact of life for some of us and it's a natural thing. Rather than being embarrassed by it, be positive and do what you need to do to help clear your skin. You owe yourself that much. Like you said, it's best to take care of these things before they get worse.


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