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Accutane Week 11 Day 77



Hey guys, it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted a blog, I really didn't need to make one because everything was the same.

Ok, like I said in my last post I've started using Aloe Vera to try to get rid of all the stubborn red marks, I don't know if it's working yet but there's no harm in using it, right? Other than that I'm still breaking out. :( Not as bad as 1 month ago, (those days were horrible), but I'm about to end my 3rd month and I kind of expected my acne to go away by now...

I know it the drug will work but I still don't feel great because right now I have 4 cysts (but that's it). I always say to myself that I possibly can't break out anymore, it's better then BAM, the next morning I wake up with a throbbing bump!!!

Whatever, I'm so sick and tired of this breakout process that I really don't care anymore. I really don't feel like looking in any mirror and examining my face until I'm completely clear and to be honest I don't really care anymore.

To those who are thinking about taking Accutane and are reading this, Accutane is a great. At the end everyone has a clear face and that's more important than whiteheads. What's the worst that could happen anyways?



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Hey there!

I`am in my third day of accutane(sotret) 30 per day.

Listen to me , i begin this tratment only because i see all people saing : after 5 mouths my skin was clear like water , and stuff like this , it`s impossible to don`t get rude of acne trust me , i`m only in my first days and i`m very positive and patient you should do same!

What cleanser are you using ?

I`m thinking Cetaphil , what do you think?

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Yeah I still am positive, sometimes all this acne stuff gets annoying.

I'm using Cetaphil's cleanser because everyone says it's the best. I honestly don't think it's that good (it doesn't foam up easily).

Good luck on your Accutane journey! :) I hope you see results immeadiately!

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Well I'm on week 11 and it is getting better. My breakout wasn't short so I'd say you'll start seeing improvement on week 8. It could be earlier or later but they usually say your acne completley stops around week 10-14. But there are some people who stop having acne on week 5-6, those are the lucky ones, I hope you'll be one of them! :)

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Is it posible to have breakout`s already??I mean i know first it will get worse but i thought after 2-4-6 weeks , not if 4 days!!it`s everything ok?

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Yup everything's ok. The breakout usually starts a couple of days after you start, it shows that the drug is working. :)

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