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Amazing True Facts About Acne *must Read*



Well i wanna start off by letting you guys know everything i say is in my perspective point of veiw. Ive had acne when i hit puberty and by my senior year in high school it was the WORST.

Ive been studying different types of acne for about 6 years now.

I truly believe all acne is caused by hormones

​Masturbating is alwase a common reason somone has acne especially on the jaw line

No masturbating does not affect everyone, but for people who are pimple vernal-able to it,it is a major Factor

Masturbating inflames the pimples,clogs pores, makes your face more oily

People with acne should try to give self pleasure a stop i mean at least for one week to see results.I myself Love to pleasure myself,1 day of not masturbating and i can feel my skin smoother and my face cleaner.Stay away from porn sites and naughty thoughts.Drink lots of water and eat the right nutritions.

Cleansers - Theres so such thing as an acne cleanser i dont believe that at all. All of it is temporary and will make it worse no matter if its proactive neutrogena clean & clear. All of that stuff is BS/waste of money.

Ive also made my own solution. If you really wanna masturbate and feel the best feeling in the world so much that you have to do it. SWEAT. Sweat is key, do ALOT OF cardio. It opens pores and cleans it out. when u sweat u can actually feel when u touch yur face all the oil that comes out but dont do it all the time because the sweat can smudge into the face and get all clogged up again. sweat alot! its a solution!

Another way you can stop masturbating is when u bust a nut especially you men out there ,Think of all the protien/Nutrition yur losing. If your trying to get big and impress the ladies there not gonna want a skinny scrony man. You WILL lose muscles if you keep busting one out.so think about it before you decide to let it out

women have it easy all they need to do is take birth control pills to stop their acne but then thats when $$$ comes in and what if they want a baby?

Drinking TOO MUCH WATER CAN CAUSE ACNE!! if you drink too much you can piss out your nutritions yes you really could! Then it leads to an irritated Face!. Drink only when your body asks!sleeping on your face comes into play too try to sleep on your dont sleep in the side with yur face hitting the pillow. sleeping on yur back also is good for the spine.

Wash pillow and sheets weekly.

Fried/fast foods Cannot cause acne it CAN make it worse though

Believe it or not whey protein a body building supplement can help clear your face because of all the protein and nutrition your taking in.

​I said earlier cleaners dont work yes. But topical creams such as ziana - duoc gel Sure helps alot! but be aware they come with alot of side affects and maybe some affects can happen later in the future. There STRONG products and need prescription to purchase.

Oil steam works as well. i work at McDonalds i thought my face would get really really bad. but being near the fry station with all that fry steam hitting yur face does make it oily but when i come home shower go to bed wake up next morning it feels amazing and face gets ALOT BETTER.

If yur picking at your pimples yu still have the chance to stop now. THEY WILL LEAVE SCARS AND HOLES (CRATERS) in the future.

Scars can take up to 3 months to fully heal dont let yur face get to that point of position

When your in the shower put the water really hot cover yur eyes and let the water hit spots of the acne this can help as well

Let the healing proccess be all natural remember dont fall for those cheap cleansers

HOPE EVERYTHING I SAID HELPS YOU OUT.& REMEMBER THIS IS ALL FROM WHAT I EXPERIENCED and now i get acne here and there but im MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE hit me up in a message if this helped you or not thank you for your time!


Recommended Comments

1. your half way right

2. your acne maybe clearing because of age and not so much because of the things you are doing/not doing.

3. You're right driking lots of water washes out nutrients but increased intake does clear acne. Heres how to properly drink water:

- 64oz or more a day (8 glasses)

- do not drink a whole glass as once. you must sip throughout the day so your body absorbs the water

4. birth control sometimes causes breakouts/makes them worse

5. the real truth is: healthy diet + exercise + water = clear skin

6. Masterbation doesn't cause acne, an unhealthy, unbalanced body does. but jaggin off does aggravate it more. so your on it there.

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I don't know what causes acne but I know what cures it...antibiotics, retin-a, differin gel, accutane...and if possible, hormone therapy like spironolactone (sorry guys)..stay away from voodoo medicine like "stop masturbating"...we have doctors in 2012 and we ought to use them...

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