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Hey Guys



Hello , i`m from Romania , , I`m 15/M.

I`ve been diagnosed with nodular-cystic acne.

I started the tratment with Sotret yesterday , 30mg/day(Sotret 10 x 3 pills/day->2 in the morring , one before i go to sleep) .

I know it`s a little underdose because i have like 153 pounds , but he said he will raise the dose next mouth, whatever he knows better.

So I want to share with you , this "adventure" , because I know I could help some people because reading your`s blogs helped me so here we go.


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Day 2

So today it`s my second day of Sotret , nothing really new , my acne is still there , no changes , no side effects yet.

I`m just very positive about this my dermatologist said that it`s 3-4 mouths I will have a clear skin , and he is very good ,he`s reprezeting my country on Europe.

But it bothers me that he said I only need to use shaving cream(I hope i translated good) morning and night.

I thought he will give me some hydra creams or something like that

Do you guys could recomande my something like that?

I heart Cetaphil it`s good when using accutane.

But i still want you`re opinion so I would be very greatful if you could to that ^.^

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Cetaphil is great also Life Moisturizing Lotion is good too. Always put it on at night though because it feels quite greasy plus it has Spf50 in it. so you won't get any sunlight which you need. Good luck wish you all the best

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Hey man I was diagnosed with nodulocystic acne as well, been on doxy for 4 weeks with an idiot derm and went for a second opinion and they told me accutane was pretty much my only option. I'm fairly certain this horrendous breakout was due to recent stresses in my life but I'm so scared I won't be "cured" because I feel pretty disfigured from this and never want to leave the house. Worse is that I have the most precious beautiful baby girl and when I bring her out to starbucks or something people are cooing over her and probably wondering what disease I have...

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Oh...if she loves you she'll understand and ignore them , if she dosen't , it dosen't even metter.

Go on accutane,it will clear ur acne , but keep in mind that you can have a bad inital flare up,and a lot of side effects.

Also , you should ignore them too , in the end who cares what they think?Screw em!

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