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Acne Isn't Fair...help?



I hate it when i see girls with perfect skin it feels like im the only one with acne, all my friends have close to perfect skin and my sister too. They don't even have to try either, they sometimes sleep with the makeup on, eat fast food and sweets, and most don't even have a skin care routine! I don't understand I do everything right for my skin but it still doesn't show any improvement! I'm so frustrated! I pretty much stopped socializing i'm so self conscious about my acne and i'm too embarrassed to even ask my mom for help.. I just want clear skin is that to much.. god my life is supposed to be in its prime but my acne is holding me back...

Will anyone leave me a suggestion for a regimen or any over the counter supplements i could take? Not zinc though, already tried that it didnt do anything, i recently stopped taking it and im gonna see if my acne worsens.


i know exactly how you feel. my sister has gorgeous skin too and i'm the only one in my family with this problem. i just started using some products from lumiplexionskincare.com and i am seeing a difference in only a week of using it. i use a cleanser, sulfur treatment at night, and a moisturizer. and i also use the sulfur mask just about every night. but you take a skincare evaluation and Pamela will figure out which regimen is best for you. =)

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Wow when I read your story, I felt the same way. My sisters also have flawless skin and they don't have a regimine either. I just dont get how some people are so lucky with their skin and others are not.

I use Dan's regimine, it has helped me a lot. It does make your skin red and dry for the first week. But then your skin gets use to it. I use the BP twice a day once in the morning and once at night. I don't just put it on the affected areas, I put it on my whole face. For spot treatments I use De La Cruz sulfur ointment 10%. I love this stuff, it really helps to dry out the acne fast. I find even if I have picked at it and I get a scab I put some on and the scab is ready to fall off in a few days.

Good luck to you, I know how hard it is to have acne and see everyone around you with perfect skin. It will get better though :)

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I felt the same way but you won't have to forever if you start on a good regiment now. Also, all my friends who had clear skin and didn't have a regiment and ate like shit, broke out later in life, had aging skin earlier than most, and either had another serious health ailement. The scary part, is because their skin is good they dont know the damage they are doing till its too late. You can. Your skin is crying and telling you that something is wrong internally. Read my blog it will help. but if not here's a quick summary.

-All physical and mental ailments can be fixed with first loving yourself. Here's how to do that

a good diet and exercise

diet: cut out all high glycemic foods (google it for food lists)

-sip water throughout the day and get atleast 64 oz a day

-fruits and veges really make a different make sure you are getting that...very very important

-go for supplements in the beginning because changing diets are hard and then when you can be consistent on a diet you can cut out the supplements

Vitamin A (40,000 iu) -1 daily in the morning with a meal - skin exfoliation, sebum control

Vitamin B-50 complex - 1 daily in the morning with a meal - stress, hormone control, converts glycose to energy so it wont spike insulin which spikes androgens = acne

vitamin C- 1000mg 3x daily with meal - kills infection, immune support, collagen support (important to avoid scars)

Vitamin E- 400 iu 1 daily with meal - studies show people with vitamin e in their sebum have little to no acne

zinc- 50 mg, before you got to bed on empty stomach (atleast 2 hours after eating) - immune support

- Work a sweat at least 3x a day.

-use an otc for now: neutrogena soap, facial buffer scrub, benzol peroxide, and cetaphyll moisterizer 2 x daily (keep in mind that anything you use on your skin works best witha healthy diet), I use acnefree when its an emergency.

- there are many people with acne you just don't see it cuz you are so focused on the clear skin people.

-if you love your body and stay to a healthy regime you will see max results in 6 months. be patient. it will not work immediately but the results are great.

-aim to love your body and to take care of it and the clear skin will follow.

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take a deep breath. be patient. aim to love and take your body, is the main thing to remember and to keep as your mantra. the rest will follow.

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So I guess at this moment you should just ask yourself what you really want..."god my life is supposed to be in its prime but my acne is holding me back"... it is not supposed to be but it is so just enjoy your life learn how to stop thinking about acne cuz if you gonna wait for some day in which you will wake up without acne and then enjoy your life I am saying you-it will never happen. Sounds pessimistic but realistic... I think you are idealist right, so let me remind you nobody is perfect. If you really have got good friends they will never bother about your acne, if not, then your struggle for having perfect skin to hang around with them in your prime isn't worth it you know. Yeah we are that unlucky ones who have to be more diligent but may be it's even better...We should be more self disciplined. AND of course use regimen, be smart and put your goals for long-run future like for 2 or 4 years. You will have perfect skin at last don't worry about it, real struggle for you now should be so what if I have perfect skin or not? It never should stop you from more important goals.

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