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On A Break From Everything



i've finished month four and i'm three days away from month five.

dianette is beginning to kick in more but i'm also aware that i'm getting the odd little spot.

i am surprised i made it to month five and survived! i was reflecting over how crap i used to feel and how now when i look in the mirror i feel more confident, more accepting. it's so difficult to do when you're at that stage but i feel like it's made me appreciate more than just looks.

the scarring is slowly going down to give way to clearer skin. i find the cheek is the hardest place for it to clear up. i know i'm not 100% clear but i'm about 70% and that's well and truly on the way so i dont mind so much.

i hate being off the pill though because i'm not sure if its a trigger for why i got my chin spot. i can feel a little one underneath my last one and i hope this does not trigger it again.

in any sense those who are finding it a struggle with Dianette, just know that patience, even when you're impatiently waiting to be patient, is necessary. being calm is the trick - i still remember hiding in bed because i didnt want to go out but now i feel like i can at least look at people in the eye - i guess i feel braver.

anyhow i start month 5 on tuesday - and then by the time i start university i will have reached clear skin target. well at least that's what i hope.

over and out.


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