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Day 101- Still On 60Mg



So I haven't written in forever because things have been going well. I went to the Derm last week and she kept me on 60mg because of my weight of 58kg but she said we coulld go up to 80mg next month if we needed to.

Skin: we'll I'm a little annoyed with my skin over this last week,I have two new spots that are raised and red on my left cheek and along with the red marks it looks terrible. These two spots have been here for a week but of course today they started getting bigger and of course they will leave spots, I think that's what annoys me the most is the marks left behind. I can't believe I am still breaking out this far into the course in month 4. I just can't believe it. My skin has definitely come very far but over the last couple weeks my skin has been fine other than marks, I'm REALLY bummed out because of course I made plans for this weekend and now my face looks bad, ugh of course right.

Side effects: dry lips and that's pretty much it. No oil on my face but my face does seem to sweat easily, like when I eat or I'm nervous or anxious, idk it just seems really weird. My face and the rest of my body can get kinda dry if I don't lotion but not crazy, easy to fix. Which I am very surprised about because I expected to be a lot dryer so maybe I do need to go up on my dose to dry out these oil glands.

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Oh you are sooo far , im only in my second day of Sotret(accutane)

Any advices for me ? My acne is severe and cystic

What are you using as a cleanser?

And btw good luck !!!

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