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Day 2 - No Washing



So, when I woke up this morning, the white heads that had previously been there were still there and just about ready to bust. I did very carefully dispose of one (probably shouldn't have but I couldn't help myself.)

New acne - I did have a few new bumps. They were all centered around me eyebrows and one between my eyes. They aren't huge and they are all 3 under the skin. My guess is they will turn to white heads and dry up. It is no surprise to me that this is the case. The first few days are not going to yield perfect results just yet.

Old acne - all my pre-existing acne bumps that were not white heads are starting to just dry up and go away... Never even came to the surface. That was fast!

I imagine I will see a few set backs along the way but so far I am pleased. Last night, my skin did look a little shiny in some areas and a little flaky in others. However, when I woke up it was definitely not as greasy. I wouldn't say my complexion has completely normalized yet but it does look better than when I was even using water.

Dead skin - you can definitely see the dead skin but it's not so noticeable that I would need to cover it with a moisturizer. As the day progressed, it slowly started looking a little less flaky.

My results may be slightly different from someone who jumps straight into the caveman method because I stopped using all products two weeks ago and I stopped using harsh products over a year ago. Even so, my face is definitely in need of repair!

I plan on working out later on today so I will include how my skin does with the sweat in the Day 3 update.

**For those of you who, like me, have a hard time when there lacks instant gratification: I am definitely not loving the way my face looks at the moment. I can still see under the surface, little bumps on my chin, around my upper lip, and on my forehead. This is a test of patience and common sense. I wish I had done it earlier so I wouldn't have to be doing it right now. But, hopefully my experience will work out and then it can help someone else feeling helpless. Also, writing about it had given me a larger sense of control for some reason. I feel less inclined to even look at it or obsess over what is there now that I am writing and keeping track of my progress. :)



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