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Day 23



The first month on accutane is flying by!! Feeling great so far...only side effects are dried lips and mild dry skin on my chin and neck. Best news is I am 100% clear! I woke up the last 5 days with not one zit! My skin is looking great...hoping it is too late in my treatment to get the dreaded initial breakout!!

A month before I started Accutane I had counted the zits on my face and it was 22. Today almost a month in I am perfectly clear! Have a derm appointment next week to get blood work done and to see if my dose needs to be increased. I really like the low dose of 20mg. Posting a pic oh my skin today! Love having clear skin and love accutane so far!


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It's great your skin has turned out good happy for you. Word of advice though don't drink beer or anything with alcohol in it or have anything grease because your skin is prone to break out within the first month and 2 weeks in your next i had the same results as you but i had a nasty breakout once i started drinking beer and what not so keep away from that till your Derm tells you it's okay also your derm will prob keep you on accutane for another month or so just to make sure it's run its course anyways all the best to you and glad your face has cleared up so nicely :)

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Thanks so much! Yes I have not touched any sort of alcohol! I am trying to eat healthy too and get plenty of sleep while on this med. Have a great day!

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